Manufacturing Expertise

KZN Resin’s success lies in our ability to produce a variety of resin types catering for diverse markets as well as a wide range of applications. At our head office and manufacturing site in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal we have a modern and versatile manufacturing plant capable of simultaneously producing unsaturated Polyesters, Alkyds and Acrylics resins. With our annual plant capacity of 12000 TPA we are able to easily service our local and export markets including Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Our polyester resins product range expands over a wide variety of applications. In addition to this we have the technical know-how to tailor make products to suit almost any application. The coatings sector includes a large and competitive market of paint manufacturers who make primers and top coats for industrial, decorative, wood, automotive, flooring, plastic, can, coil, metal and construction. We are behind many successful paint brands. Supplying such a diverse market is both exciting and challenging and requires ongoing customer care and development.



Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPR)

• Laminating Resins

• Casting Resins

• Specialised Resins

• Ancilliary Products

Laminating Resins:

• A 368 PA All Purpose Laminating Resin

• A 060 High Performance ISO Laminating Resin

• A 190 Fast Cure General Purpose Resin

• A 1150 GP Laminating Resin

• A 1160 LSE GP Resin

Casting Resins:

• A 520 Pre-accelerated Clear Casting Resin

• A 740 General Casting Resin

• A 780 Solid Surface Resin

• A 160 L/V Marble Casting Resin

• A 1040 Centrifugal Casting Resin

Specialised Resins:

• Qz A 270 Tile Resin

• Qz A 010 Body Filler Resin

• A 500 DMC Resin

• A 980 Pigment Binder Resin

• A 920 Roof Sheeting Resin

• A 800 White Bath Acrylic Backup Resin

• A 1210 Fast Cure Polymer Concrete Resin

Anciliary Products:

• Gelcoats (G 080, G 090, G 1040, G 760, G 450, G 390)

• Poolcoats (G 600, G 790, G 950)

• Flowcoats (G 480)

• Bonding Paste (G 340)

• Pigment Pastes

• Wax solution

• Acceleration solution

• Mould release


Resins for coating

• Alkyd Resins

• Acrylic Resins

Alkyd Resins:

• B 020 Coconut Oil Alkyd

• B 040 Medium Oil Alkyd

• B 040 HV Medium Oil Alkyd High Viscosity

• B 070 Long Oil Alkyd High Viscosity

• B 150 Short Oil Alkyd 60%

• B 180 Short Oil Alkyd Quick Drying

• B 240 Styrenated Alkyd

Acrylic Resins:

• C 070 – Hydroxy Acrylic Thermosetting Resins

• C 080 – Acrylamide Acrylic Thermosetting Resins

• LN 753 – Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins