Who we are

KZN Resins (Pty) Ltd was established in 1998 as a fully fledged resin producing company. The company started with the production of unsaturated polyester resin and within a year introduced Alkyd resins to our range of products. By the year 2000 KZN Resins included Hydroxy functional Acrylic resins to our range as well. Currently we manufacture and distribute a wide range of unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoats to the composites industry as well as Alkyd resins for the coatings industry and Hydroxy acrylic resins for the automotive market.

We recognise that our world is a dynamic and enigmatic entity. In order for us to survive and grow over the next decade and beyond, we realize that we have to be proactive to the anticipated changes in our industry, our country and the world at large. Our vision for the future which is based on our past experience coupled with courage and the resources at our disposal, is to establish ourselves firmly as a leading player in the composites and coatings markets. Our company vision is important because it serves as a roadmap for our strategic goals and objectives.

KZN Resins is a privately owned family business. It is run by the family as a close knit family unit with a very flat management structure where an ‘open door’ policy is adopted. The resulting culture within the firm is one of friendly interaction and solidarity in commonality of purpose. Every one realizes that we are part of the team and we take pride in who we are and what we do. The personal involvement of the family in running the business adds a personal touch of pride and ownership that is perhaps lacking in most corporate companies. This is probably the main difference between us and our competitors.

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Our Mission :

We manufacture synthetic resins namely unsaturated polyester resins for the composites industry and alkyd/acrylic resins for the coatings industry. KZN RESINS offers a wide range of competitive products of excellent quality. Sales are made directly to customers via sales branches as well as through distributors countrywide. Good customer service and support is provided through prompt product delivery and technical support as well as customer service including technical advice, new product development and colour matching of gelcoats.

Our Vision
To be a world recognised manufacturer of sustainable products produced in a factory that operates in an ethically balanced profitable environment.



• Established company with key existing accounts and resources for Sales and Distribution within South Africa and regional countries.
• Existing production facility with adequate infrastructure and machinery on which to build a sustainable and long lasting and profitable organization
• Strong existing technology including a competitive range of products covering the composites and coatings industry
• Well rounded and managed business with highly qualified personel.
• Certified as an ISO 9001 company